Tips when Using Circle Lenses

Contact lenses are being used by people around the world to change their eye color or improve their vision. Circle contact lenses can be found in natural colors as well as in different colors to enhance beauty of your eyes. Colored circle lenses are available in affordable rates and you can have more than one pair of contact lens. You can create a different look for different occasions. In order to avoid any allergic reaction or any other risk, always maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness, and do remember to follow all the necessary instructions provided by the manufacturer and your eye doctor. Wearing circle lenses can be a problem for first timer. Many new and even some experienced wearer may have questions regarding soft contact lens. By reading the following article, you can get some important tips that need to be kept in mind before wearing the contact lenses.

• Knowing the right side before wearing the contact lens is very important. How will you know that if your soft lens is inside out? The difference is clear, but you should make sure that it looks like a half ball instead of a u with flared out edges or a soup bowl. Hold your lens directly in front of your eyes and make sure you look down on it. If it forms a proper U or half ball, it’s the right way.
• Some lenses have name of the company written with laser marking. If you are able to read it properly, your lens is it in right position. In Soft contact lenses, you should be able to see the color tint along its edges.
• Wash your hand properly before applying the contact lens. Avoid using oily or scented soap as that can cause irritation to your eyes by clinging to your lens. Wash and dry your hand properly.
• Incase lens is stuck in the case, slightly shake the case before removing contact lens from it to loosen it up. Take out the lens and slide in into your palm. Make sure to rinse the contact lens thoroughly with the appropriate solution provided with the lens.
• Use tip of index finger to hold the lens. With thumb and finger of other hand, pull up your upper eyelid and down your lower lid. Place the lens on white area of your eye, roll your eye and blink.
• Removing the lens is bit difficult and you may need some practice to master it. Open your eye, stretch your lower lid, and with the help of your finger gently bring the lens to white area. Then softly pinch the lens and take it off your eyes.
• Washing hands and drying them before removing them is also important. Make sure that your nails are short in order to avoid any damage to lens or your eye.
• Photokeratitis can be caused due to excessive exposure to UV light. Make sure to check for the UV protection as it is clearly written on the packaging. Some companies have incorporated this protection in the lenses.
• Wear contact lens before putting on make-up as eye makeup can cause irritation if it gets into your eyes. Wash your hands in order to avoid transferring of contamination.
• Wearing and removing the lens is the most difficult part that can be mastered with proper care and time.


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