Getting a Big-Eye Dolly Look with Circle Lenses

Beauty awareness is increasing with each passing day and many people especially women put special attention on their looks. Creating fashion statement and looking gorgeous has become a lot easier these days. You can create your own fashion statement by putting in little effort. This is age of technology and internet, and you can easily change your outlook by just sitting at home. You can search and buy new trendy clothes and matching accessories from online pages and websites. Even new quick and easy hairstyles for any occasion are taught on internet. Apart from all these you can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive by using contact lenses. Circle contact lenses are one of the latest addition to the world of fashion that is getting popular, and its popularity started from Asia and it is spreading in other cultures too. Many ladies have started using these to give an image of larger eyes, and variety of colored options help you in getting different look every time. Prescription contact lenses are not made to make eye pupil larger but Circle lenses help in creating the illusion of bigger eyes. Its outer ring is darker which actually helps in creating this illusion.

Circle lenses are in discussion among women around the world and they are clamoring for these. It is illegal to sell circle lenses without prescription. Under U.S. law. You need to see optometrists before buying these lenses as these are less permeable than regular prescribed lenses. Circle lenses are also popular to get the Asian style Ulzzang look. Ulzzang is a Korean word that literally means “pretty” or “best face.” In this style Women in Asia mainly from Korea, japan, and other countries get large-eye look. If you want to create this look, use circle lenses to make your eyes appear bigger and childlike innocent. These are also being used by actresses to get large eyes. These have become a growing addictive trend in America and rest of the world. The cost of circle lenses is around 20$-30$ per pair, and search to find them in lesser prices is being made by ladies by sharing tips on illegal purchase. Larger looking eyes can be created by make up too but wearing circle lenses gives you the exact look within few seconds. According to many optometrists, if proper checkup is not done before buying these, your eyes can be at risk. Proper cleanliness and hygiene is required while handling these lenses. The surface of your eyes may get scratched and may lead to bacterial infection due to improper handling and misfit size or shape. Some other possible risks may include temporary or permanent eye sight loss, allergic reaction and swelling. So, before buying circle lenses, visit optometrist and get a proper checkup done in order to avoid risks discussed above.


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