Circle Lens Precautionary Tips

Circle lenses are fashion contact lenses that are used by many people around the world to get larger looking eyes. The outer ring in circle lenses is darker than regular lenses that helps in creating the illusion of larger looking eyes, your pupil doesn’t get large but gets the required appearance. Circle lenses are available in different patterns and colors. You can find these in plano as well as corrective form. Circle lenses need to be bought according to your shape and proper fitting as prescribed by your eye doctor so, you cannot buy circle lenses without prescription in U.S. Most common question that is asked by a lot of people before buying them is that are they safe to use? The answer to this question is very simple and that is “yes” they are safe to use as long and you follow proper care while handling circle lenses. Whether you wear regular contact lens or circle contact lens, you need to take proper care in order to avoid any reaction or damage to your eyes. Circle lenses are soft contact lenses that are more fragile than the rest of the contact lenses, so when proper care is done, you need not to worry about any risk about safety of your eyes. These lenses are easily conform to the shape and more comfortable than other types of lenses. Some of the important tips and precautions are shared below in order to give you an idea about the proper care and handling of circle lenses to ensure safety of your eyes and long life of your circle lenses.

• Professional advice should be taken before buying and using circle contact lenses.
• Read all the precautionary measures and tips properly provided by the manufacturer in order to avoid any damage to your eyes.
• Do not wear your lenses directly. Store your lenses in multi-purpose solution for 2-4 hours before using them.
• Before touching the lens, wash your hands and dry them properly.
• Always clean, rinse and disinfect your lens before wearing and after removing it.
• Always use solution provided by the manufacturer to disinfect the lens.
• Never use saliva or tap water to clean the lens.
• Only use your fingertips to wear the lens. Avoid any sharp object to handle the lens. Cut your nails short in order to avoid any damage to lens or your eyes.
• Wear your lens before putting on any make up in order to avoid discomfort.
• Make sure to replace your lens at the specified interval
• Do not wear your lenses for very long interval of time.
• Avoid wearing them while sleeping, swimming or any such activity that may contact your eyes.
• If you feel any type of discomfort or irritation, remove your lens. If this feeling continuous, consult your optometrist or eye doctor immediately.


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