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Circle lenses are one of the biggest fashion trends in North America. Recently featured in the New York Times, the growth of circle lenses seems to be never ending. Popular artists such as Lady Gaga featured circle lenses in her music video “Bad Romance”. As this trend continues to grow, more brands are emerging every day with new styles and designs. The question most people wonder is, what are the best circle lenses? We decided to compare and review the top 10 circle lens brands to see which brand is truly the best circle lens.


We compared all the circle lenses in terms of comfort. There are 3 main types of contact lenses: Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), Extended Wear and Soft contact lenses. We found that Rigid Gas Permeable and Extended Wear circle lenses were not as comfortable to wear due to their hardness and increased durability. Soft circle lenses conformed to our eyes more easily and were much more comfortable.

Style and Design

We found that the majority of the top 10 circle lens brands had similar designs. Some of them offered lenses which were bigger than the others, but almost all of them had at least 100 to 200 different designs. We were quite impressed with the selection available to choose from by all the brands.


The price of most of the top 10 circle lens brands was around the same ranging anywhere from $25 to $40. This is a very reasonable price compared to the price you would pay for regular contact lenses which would cost you at least $100 a pair.


This was the factor that stood out the most out of all the circle lenses reviewed. Safety was one of the major issues as stated in the article by the New York Times. This is why we put the biggest weight on this area. There was only one brand which complied to almost all safety standards we tested.

In conclusion, after testing the top 10 circle lens brands, it all came down to one winner. There is a reason why this brand stands out over the rest and why it is one of the most popular brands of circle lenses out right now. The best brand of circle lenses reviewed was by Geo Medical Co., Ltd. The reason why Geo circle lenses are the best circle lenses is because it stood out in all four areas. Geo circle lenses use Soft contact lenses which conform to your eyes easily, there are hundreds of designs to choose from, had reasonable prices ($29 to $37) and was one of the only brands we reviewed which complied to safety standards in Canada, US, Europe, Asia and many more. Geo circle lenses have been approved by the US FDA, Health Canada, EU CE 1023, ISO 13485:2003, Russia GOST-R, Vietnam VFA, Hong Kong MDACS, Taiwan FDA, Singapore HSA, China SFDA, Japan MHLW and Korea KGMP. All Geo circle lenses also come with a sticker of authenticity which you can verify on their website.

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